Ecotourism in Grenada

Grenada offers everything you would expect from an island destination: stunning beaches, fascinating underwater worlds, and relaxed village vibes. In recent times, the country has been adding ecotourism opportunities to the list so tourists from

is Grenada a 3rd world country?

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Would you like to vacation in a 3rd world country?  For most of us, thoughts of a 3rd world country conjure up images of poverty, crime, and filthy living conditions – not a vacation destination.

Are there snakes on Grenada?

When I visit Grenada in a few months I plan to explore the interior of the island and wonder if I could encounter any snakes.  Snakes are really cool, as long as they’re nowhere near

Is Grenada safe for tourists?

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This year I set my sights on visiting Grenada but wonder “is Grenada safe?”. It can be scary just thinking about visiting a Caribbean island, especially in light of the recent negative media coverage of