Why all-inclusive resorts are awesome!

all inclusive resort

In this article, you will learn why all-inclusive vacation packages are the bomb and practically guarantee the success of your Caribbean vacation. You’ll also discover reputable travel sites offering all-inclusive trips so you can save

Girls’ Getaway to Key West, Florida

aerial view of key west Florida

Overview of Girls’ Getaway Destination: Key West, FloridaDates: May 28 – 31, 2019Duration: 3 nightsTemps: 85-88℉ (Feels like 93℉ with the humidity)Hotel: Courtyard Key West WaterfrontNumber of Getaway Girls: 3Overall Getaway Rating: 4.5 Stars The

The surprising truth about girls’ getaways

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Girls’ getaways are so important for a woman’s mental health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, they are often misunderstood or confused with crazy Las Vegas bachelorette parties or the sloppy drunk Girls Gone Wild chicks down in